Transportation law

LAWYER – Transport law

Transportation law is the body of law that governs transportation infrastructure and its use. In fact, It regulates the way that people travel using any method of transportation including railways, air travel, vehicular travel and even waterways. Transportation law also involves companies and individuals that must understand and follow the regulations.

Litigations :

  • Road Transport, Rail Transport, Fluvial Transport, Maritime Transport, Air transport
  • Cargo Claims : lost, delayed or damaged Goods
  • Logistics Solutions for all means of Transport
  • Transport Licence in France
  • Employment in Transport, drivers working time, remunerations
  • Gayssot’s Law (retention, direct action)
  • Unpaid Bills

All carriage Contracts :

  • Contracts of Affreightment
  • Purchase and sale Agreements
  • Terms of Sales



Arbitration and Mediation

Criminal liability

  • Regulation
  • Gendarmerie checks, customs, DREAL
  • Criminal prosecution (Police Court, Criminal Court, Criminal Mediation)